Have your drawer boxes and runners worn-out? Has opening and closing them become a struggle? Replace your old worn-out drawer boxes and runners with the Cabinet Cures® highest industry standard drawers. These drawers are constructed of solid maple, with dovetailed drawer boxes and full-extension, soft close undermount runners. These kitchen cabinet organizers, drawers, and shelves are a great addition to any kitchen upgrade.

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Door to Drawer Conversions

Most kitchens have lower cabinets—those awkward cabinets below the countertop. With lower cabinets, kitchens always end up have stacks of pots, pans, and lids that you will have to dig through in order to reach what you need. This can become difficult on the back as you’re either bending over or crawling on your hands and knees. Also the time and energy of digging through them or reorganizing them isn’t worth it. Pull-outs installed in the cabinets can fix some of the problems listed, but even they have the problem of requiring the doors to be open entirely for you to reach the pull-out.

The best solution for these common kitchen problems is to convert the doors or pull-outs into deep, full-extension drawers. If you are doing a cabinet refacing project, this is an easy upgrade that we recommend for any kitchen.

door to drawer beforeDoor to drawer after

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