There are many material choices available when preparing to renovate a kitchen. Wood kitchen cabinets are the most popular and it’s important when choosing a wood species that it meets your style and needs. Here’s a quick list of the most popular wood species being used today.



This species of wood ranges from tan-blond to deep brown. As the wood ages the color will darken naturally. Hues will change from a golden yellow to a deep red. Even Though Cherry is one of the more expensive hardwoods it has a smooth, close grained appearance. It’s texture can show mineral streaking, fine pin holes and pitch pockets.



Colors ranging from blonde to tobacco brown with a strong dramatic grain pattern is the key features to Hickory wood. This species is known for having many knots, pin holes, burls and color streaks. If your looking to show off the natural beauty of your wood with dramatic color and grain variations then hickory is a great choice.


This wood species is resistant to scratching and cracking. The colors range from creamy white to a pale reddish brown. Many “bird’s eye” dots and mineral streaks throughout the wood may darken when stained. This species is a popular choice for painted or pigmented lacquer finishes.



Natural colors can vary in this species from dark cinnamon to salmon red. Worm holes, mineral deposits and wild grain patterns are common throughout the texture. Sometimes tiger striping with open grain patterns may occur. Even though the colors may seem a little wild this species is a very tough hardwood making it resistant to dents and scratches.


The texture in this species is very straight and has an even wood grain. Colors often range from light blond/ brown to a caramel with red undertones. This species works well with stains and finishes making it a versatile hardwood option. If you’re looking for a rustic look in your home Alder would be a great option because it has many wormholes and open knots.